• Better finances could improve
    • the way you live your life...


Why improve your finances?

There are many reasons, all of which could benefit you, your family, your future…

You could pay £100s less each month

For many customers, making financial improvements is initially about reducing monthly credit outgoings to a more affordable amount, benefiting them in the short term. This alone could be enough to make things easier but at Improve Finance we want to do more than that, we want to make it life changing.

We want to help customers repay their credit faster, and where possible, pay less interest overall instead of just paying minimum repayments on credit cards year after year. See the benefits of consolidating debt to see just how we do this.

Monthly credit bills stopping you funding the things you want to?

For many people, credit card debt can have a big impact on their monthly finances, restricting the way they live their lives. As well as the short term benefits, it could also make a big difference in the future when you need to fund events in your life such as a wedding, moving house or paying your son or daughter’s university fees.

Without large debts holding you back, you’ll be able to fund items more easily and more borrowing opportunities could be available to you at better rates should you need to consider them in the future.

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Is this the end of missed payments?

Some people continue to struggle to meet their credit card bills, month after month, because it’s a routine. But if your finances are on the edge, it doesn’t take much to miss a payment, and this could be damaging your credit score. Switching from expensive credit card bills to an affordable secured loan could help to improve your credit rating if it now means you can now much more easily afford your monthly repayments and not miss any further.

So by replacing credit card debt with a more cost effective secured loan, you’re doing two things. First, you are giving yourself a financial cushion, allowing you to manage your finances and lifestyle in a much more positive way. Second, you are giving yourself a better chance of meeting your repayments regularly, which could help you to protect your credit rating.

Taking steps to improve and maintain your credit score now will help you to better obtain finance in the future, and at more favourable rates.

A secured loan doesn’t have to be a long term commitment

If you would like to repay your loan early – you can. Some lenders have no early settlement fees and some will do but only charge up to a maximum of two months interest and a discharge fee of approximately £185.

Early settlement fees vary between lenders and we will of course confirm in writing on the credit agreement if any early settlement fees are applicable to your loan.

Imagine life without credit bills – lets make a start

Imagine life with no credit bills after your debt is completely repaid. What a feeling that could be! Apply today, and the countdown to no more credit bills could start now. If you have £10,000 or more in credit or store card debt, we believe we could help you to achieve this more quickly and for less compared with your current credit arrangements. The longer you wait before taking action, the longer it will be until you are credit free.

Whether you talk it through with your husband, wife, Independent Financial Advisor or even the Money Advice Service set up my the Government, don’t continue to pay more than you need to when there could be a much more affordable approach to repaying credit available to you – so act now.

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