Bad credit secured loans

Get the best bad credit secured loans available to you from our panel of leading UK lenders.

  • We could help if you have bad credit, arrears or CCJs
  • We search for the best secured loan rates available to you
  • Getting a quote WILL NOT affect your credit profile
  • We are bad credit secured loans specialists

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What are bad credit secured loans?

Bad credit secured loans are loans exclusively for homeowners and are secured against your residential property by way of a ‘second charge’, with your mortgage being the ‘first charge’.

Bad credit secured loans offer a number of advantages and are here to help customers whose credit isn’t perfect – but can prove they can afford the monthly repayments.

Consider a bad credit secured loan if you’ve been refused elsewhere

Whether you have a bad credit score from missing other credit payments, have existing arrears or potentially even a County Court Judgement (CCJs), we could  still help provide you with a bad credit secured loan.

As bad credit acceptance specialists, if you’ve been refused finance elsewhere, call our expert team who can show you the most suitable bad credit secured loan options available to you – at the best rates.

Consolidate with a bad credit secured loan to help improve your credit score

If you have existing credit that you’re finding the monthly repayments expensive then consolidating with a bad credit secured loan could enable you to significantly reduce your monthly credit outgoings – meaning, more more money left in your bank each month and also likely reducing the amount of interest you would pay overall.

Depending on how much you wish to reduce your monthly outgoings by and subject to the interest rates and balances of your existing credit that you are consolidating, you may pay back more if you decided to extend the loan over too long a term so it’s import to get the balance right and make your consolidation loan change your finances for the better.

Getting a bad credit secured loan quote will not affect your credit score

Whether you have good or bad credit, or are unsure and would just like to see what your monthly repayments could be with a bad credit secured loan – apply online now for a free, no-obligation loan quote. We charge no up-front fees and getting a quote will not affect your credit score.

How can I see if I have bad credit?

There are numerous credit report facilities available including Experian CreditExpert or Equifax which can help you to understand the factors affecting your credit score and potential ways to help improve it.

How do I apply for a bad credit secured loan?

You can apply online for a bad credit secured loan quote in just 2 minutes or call to apply by phone.

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TYPICAL 9.5% APRC variable

Rates from as low as 4.6% APRC variable. Our highest rate is 39.9% APRC variable allowing us to help customers with severe credit problems. 51% or more of customers receive our typical rate of 9.5% APRC variable OR LOWER.

Secured Loan Representative Example: If you borrow £15,000 over 15 years at a rate of 9.5% APRC variable, you will pay 179 instalments of £152.35 per month and a final payment of £302.35. Total amount payable of £27,573. This includes the net loan, interest of £10,623, a broker fee of £1,500 and a lender fee of £450. The overall cost for comparison is 9.5% APRC variable.


Loans subject to status and secured on residential property by way of second charge. Consolidating debts may increase the term and total amount payable. Minimum age 18 years. Improve Finance is a credit broker using a representative panel of lenders who specialise in second charge mortgages and receive a commission from the lender on completion of a loan. We charge a fee for our broking services of between 0% and 15% and will inform you of this fee before you decide whether to proceed with the loan.

Rates and fees correct as of 21.01.2018. Improve Finance is a trading style of Willows Finance Limited, Brocastle, Bridgend CF35 5AS. Company registered in England. Registration number 6678545. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under number 670052, registered under the Data Protection Act No. Z1447660 and are a member of the Association of Finance Brokers.

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Bad credit secured loans guide

Bad credit secured loans are loan options for customers who may have missed mortgage or credit repayments, have recently moved into your first home, have credit arrears, CCJs or made failed applications for credit and that may not be eligible for the lowest rate loan options on the market.

It’s also an option to consider for potential borrowers who are struggling to obtain credit from other sources. This may not be necessarily because they have bad credit, but could be because they have recently moved into their first home or have never borrowed in the past, meaning you might still struggle to qualify for the market-leading loans as lenders have nothing to show that you can be relied upon to successfully make your repayments.

Getting the best bad credit loan interest rates

For customers unsure what loan options are available to them, we provide a no-obligation loan quotation with a soft credit search, which means you can see the loan options and rates that you could qualify for without damaging your credit record. We compare the range of different bad credit secured loans from our panel of leading UK lenders.

We are experts in reviewing suitability to ensure the loans we offer are affordable for you based on your current and potential future circumstances.

When applying for a bad credit secure loan, loan brokers are responsible for finding the most suitable solution which includes looking at the best rates available to you – but is not exclusively based on just the rate.

Poor credit acceptance specialists

Our experienced brokers are poor credit acceptance specialists and could help customers with County Court Judgements (CCJs) against them and help people with many different financial circumstances.

If you do have poor credit, loan options and competitive rates could be limited through some providers so it’s important to make sure you apply through a loan broker like us who really understands customers with a bad credit history. Also, has experience and a thorough knowledge of the appropriate loan products on the market available to you based on your circumstances to ensure you get you the most suitable and cheapest borrowing possible.

Why choose a bad credit secured loan?

If you have an adverse credit history but are a homeowner and need to borrow then applying for a no-obligation bad credit secured loan quote with our safe ‘soft search’ could be a positive move in understanding the different products and best rates available to you.

With a secured loan, you are offering your home as security, which reduces the lender’s risk, and therefore offer lower rates of interest than you'd expect to get on some unsecured borrowing.

Bad credit secured loans borrowing can be used for almost anything, including debt consolidation, home improvements, a new car or a mix of a number of things and could be your cheapest and most available source of borrowing.

Bad credit secured loans terms and monthly repayments

Most lenders provide bad credit secured loans from between 3 and 25 years. When choosing a loan term, whilst we encourage shorter terms where possible, you can choose a longer loan term if you wish to reduce monthly repayments further.

It is important to be aware that longer bad credit secured loan terms mean more interest payable on the loan and so consider how you get the balance right between what you can afford to pay monthly and paying the loan off as quickly as possible – giving you the best deal.

The loans we arrange are secured against your property. This means that, unlike unsecured credit, if you don’t keep up the repayments on the loan your property could be at risk of repossession. And like with most other types of credit, you could be charged arrears fees, which increases the cost of your loan, and your credit rating could be affected.

If you’re considering a bad credit secured loan but would like to speak to someone first, the Money Advice Service provide free, impartial advice to help you with support over the phone and online.

Cutting the cost of bad credit loans

If managed responsibly and repayments are met successfully each month, a bad credit loan could help you to build or repair a poor credit score. Additionally, if possible, we encourage customers to try and make overpayments to reduce the loan term and in turn reduce the amount of interest owed on your loan overall.